Golden Butter Cupcake with Marshmallow Topping

Cupcake with Teapot

The Cupcake Porn kitchen was happy demonstrate how gorgeous looking cupcake can be made with a simple Golden Butter Cake mix with Butter Cream Icing and some liberally applied Pink Mini Marshmallows!

This was a very easy cupcake to make and the results were both pleasing to the eye, and to the tummy :)

We noticed that the Pink Mini Marshmallows were not sticking in place in the icing securely, but after a short time in the refrigerator they were rock solid.  So remember to smoosh them in well while decorating but don’t take too long about it or they will slip and slide out of position.


Marshmallow Cupcake Porn

 Doesn’t that look yummy?

Marshmallow Cupcake Porn Closeup


It wasn’t long before some cupcake loving bunnies showed up to test them out.  These bunnies have a habit of loitering around the kitchen when yummy desserts are being created.  If you give these cupcakes a try yourself, you might find other little people loitering around waiting for your cupcakes to be ready too :)

Bunnies Looking at Marshmallow Cupcake


Bunnies thinking about sharing the Cupcake


Time to share this awesome Cupcake!

Try some interesting toppings on your home made cupcakes. You never know what spectacular creation you’ll come up with and the kids will love it!

Wishing you every success, the team at Cupcake Porn.


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